Kazakli is a small village located in Milas it is 8km from the small fishing village of Akbuk
Kazakli village shows the typical village life small local shop all the guys sitting round at the local tea cafe playing back gammon while the woman of the house is looking after the sheep and life stock
The village set on the mountainside it  is surrounded by Rolling mountains  forestests and olive groves
The villages main income is from olive oil and from their live stock the way of life here is very slow and simple
They have 2 small olive factories close to the village where they produce oil and the by product the skın and the pip from the olive oil is dried out and used during the winter and put into the central heating burner to heat water and the radatiors  a very simple and cost effective product
From the village ıf you travel 5km you will be at Kazakli bay
 it is a very small bay and it has a few resturants  on the sea front and they have a few moorings avaliable to moor your boat which is a great way to enjoy a day out on the boat but  please note the water is very shallow an reedey near the resturant moorings

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